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Meet the Team

At Primal we have brought together professionals from civilian sectors and experts from the military Special Forces environment. The team are passionate about outdoor learning and will ensure the delivery of bespoke training to suit your individual needs. We will give you the knowledge, skills and training which can help save and preserve life. With the right mental attitude a positive mindset, practical training and experience you can greatly increase your chances of survival. We will show you how. We pride ourselves on having the highest standards of safety and professionalism creating a positive atmosphere to help everyone who comes to Primal enjoy their experience and have an unforgettable time.


Lead Instructor

With over 22 years military experience, Matt has extensive knowledge of urban and rural survival skills.  From a young age running about the hills and west coasts of Scotland, Matt has always been in his element. A keen outdoorsman who loves to travel, whether it’s kayaking in Norway, trekking in Morocco, or wild camping in Scotland. A passionate ski tourer and qualified in Arctic Survival Matt also instructs on the Real Heroes of Telemark ski tour expedition in Norway.


Operations Manager

Paul has been working as an outdoor instructor with a focus on bushcraft for the past 8 years having worked with a number of groups including schools, additional support needs and corporate groups all over the UK. Paul is passionate about our natural environment and outdoor learning and enjoys developing his own skills. Allowing him to pass his knowledge on so others can learn and enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly. In his spare time, he can be found foraging, wild camping and mountaineering.


Senior Instructor

A professional Chef by trade having worked in Michelin star resturants,  Jon is Primal’s Flaura and Fauna expert. Passionate about all things edible, Jon loves nothing more than to rustle some tasty big eats in the great outdoors. Always with a smile on his face Jon loves to share his knowledge of nature’s resources with people. A qualified tracker and huntsman he has a wealth of experience and knowledge working with large groups around the world.


Primal Instructor

A local lad from Edinburgh Andy completed a full career in the Army finishing up as a senior Officer.  Having served all over the world Andy gained several instructional Combat Survival Instructor courses in various climatic conditions. Always looking to further develop his skills he is a keen outdoorsman and loves to go off on canoeing expeditions. A veteran himself Andy can also be found helping others at Veterans First Point in Melrose.



With 12 years outdoor learning experience working with children of all ages in the great outdoors, Liam loves nothing better than to pass on his skills to others. A keen wood carver Liam has spent many an evening whittling away spoons and axe handles. As a proud father he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wee boy, passing on his skills and knowledge of the natural world. A keen adventurer you may find Liam canoeing down the fjords of Finland.



John is Primal’s remote medic and occupational Health & Safety Adviser. Drawing considerable experience from his time as a long-range reconnaissance Patrol Medic, John has used his skills to help repatriate people from hostile areas around the world. John has also worked within the Film/TV, Construction, Oil & Gas Production industries and as a paramedic for the NHS. When it comes to Urban Survival and medical skills John is a handy man to know.



Laura has been working in childcare for over 14 years stepping away from the stuffy classroom environment to be more outdoors and at one with nature. Laura loves promoting outdoor learning, encouraging children to understand risk and gain basic fundamental life skills. Allowing young people, the freedom to explore the natural world on their doorstep in a fun and safe environment. In her spare time you’ll find Laura in the Himalayas taking in the mountain air and snowboarding.



When it comes to Primal’s Hunter course Mik is our man. Running falconry and fishing in Edinburgh, Mik knows the best areas to catch his prey. As a boy, he has been fishing the rivers and lochs around Midlothian and all over Scotland since he was 9 years old. Mik has also won awards utilising his skills and experience at national level. When he’s not fishing Mik loves to go out with his Red-Tailed Hawks and film them in action catching rabbits, pheasants and pigeon.

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