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Nov 19

Bespoke Team Building Survival Days Glasgow

Building a team is like constructing anything. Whether it’s a random Lego house or a massive skyscraper, the responsibilities will fall on certain aspects to make sure everything is completed: on time and to the script. When aspects of this construction don’t function well, or aspects are neglected, the project will cease to work.

To build and construct the ideal team you will need to create an atmosphere for the development of friendships, leadership and comradeship. Treating this as the foundation for everything that comes next, you will want to do everything you can to make this happen. This aspect is why our team at Primal Bushcraft Survival are called upon. We offer bespoke team building survival days in Glasgow that are suited to your business’ sector or your team’s requirements.

What is involved in a team building survival day?

When you choose to come along and create a bespoke team building survival session in Glasgow with us, we will take you through the various options. Your team will be taught and then have to fend and survive as a team against the elements to complete certain tasks. Whether you have specific ideas you would like to include, or you would like us to guide the creation of your team building survival day, choose Primal Bushcraft Survival.

If you would like to find out more about our team building work, get in contact with us today.