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Sep 05

Bushcraft Day Out For Schools

Your average school trip doesn’t usually involve a lesson in survival skills, but think again. What could be better than a day in the outdoors, learning the tricks of how to live off the land and live in harmony with your surroundings? It’s a day out without the need for mobile phones, without the need for Pokemon Go, where youngsters can connect with the natural world and learn a thing or two about how to survive in an outdoor environment.

Whether you want to reconnect with nature, gain a better understanding of natural landscapes or utilise some of the skills needed for survival, our courses at Primal Bushcraft Survival provide the perfect complement to classroom learning and school activities.

At Primal Bushcraft Survival we work with schools and youth agencies to challenge children in an outdoor environment, helping them to pick up new survival skills which can be serviced in the future. We run half day or full day courses, and this will prove a great day out for school children.

Keen to find out more about our bushcraft day out for schools?

As well as bushcraft training days for schools, we organise a range of courses and run training days for families and for corporate trips.