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May 22

Bushcraft Survival Skills Edinburgh

For those looking to invest in bushcraft survival skills in Edinburgh, we are here to help.

Do you need to lift the mood in the office? Perhaps your staff need to learn to work better together? Maybe your team could do with getting out of the workplace and learn new skills? If you’re looking for a morale booster, nothing works quite as well as learning survival skills.

By investing in one of our corporate packages, you can get your staff out into the fresh air and learn new skills. Not only do we get your team working together, but it also allows people to use their strengths. Building confidence and self-esteem is what we do best, and we are ready to help you.

At Primal Bushcraft Survival, we are here to pass on our skills to you and your staff. Our activities will put your team out of their comfort zones, all the while teaching them vital survival skills. By doing so can help to improve communication, leadership and trust within the team.

To learn more about our corporate packages, visit our site today or give us a call on 07875 667958.

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