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Jun 05

Bushcraft Survival Skills Scotland

Bushcraft Survival Skills in Scotland 

When it comes to the workplace environment, nothing is quite as important as team morale. If morale is low, it affects the atmosphere, people’s moods and the work productivity. It can also have negative effects on how the team functions, harming relationships and how employee’s work.

By investing in team building activities, you can revitalise the mood and rebuild the morale. The activity that you choose should bring out everyone’s strengths, encourage everyone to work as a team and should involve them being in the great outdoors. It should take them away from the confinements of the office or workplace, and teach them useful skills that they can use later in life.

If you choose our bushcraft survival package, you will get all of this and much more. Our fantastic package will teach your staff vital skills and put them out of their comfort zones, testing their strengths and weaknesses. Encouraging them to work as a team, our courses are designed to bring people together and teach them useful skills.

To book our bushcraft survival skills day with us, get in touch today. Speak to the team on 07875 667958, or drop us an email at

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