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Jun 27

College Trip Ideas in Edinburgh

Coming up with new ideas for school and college trips can be tricky for those responsible for making the decision. One thing schools and colleges are doing more is outdoor activities, from orienteering to bushcraft and survival. College is a time when students want to try out and experience new things, and college trips are all part of that. So why not let your students enjoy a day in the great outdoors, learning about bushcraft and survival?

We’re passionate about the outdoors and how to survive with very few resources. Think about it, you never know when you might need to call upon some survival skills in everyday life. By opening up your mind to what bushcraft is all about, not only will you be more self-reliant and resourceful (too very useful attributes), but you will have widened your horizons and learned something new to pass on to others.

In today’s technology-focused world, we’re losing touch with the natural world. Our courses are all about educating others about the outdoors, how to survive and how to thrive.

From college school trips to activity days for army cadets, with the summer holidays approaching there’s no better time to challenge yourself to something new. Look to Primal Bushcraft Survival.

College Days Out Edinburgh

Not sure you could survive in the wilderness for very long on your own? Think again. You might quickly run out of supplies of food and drink, but what happens then? The right mind-set is all-important for survival, but everything you need to survive is actually provided by nature. This takes survival training, knowledge of how to take advantage of your surroundings, and the will to survive.

If your last school trip or college day out involved an indoor pursuit, then why not venture outdoors this time? What could be better than a spell of bushcraft and survival training with Primal Bushcraft Survival?

We welcome everyone to have a go, whether that be school groups, youth groups, families or corporate colleagues on an outing. This is the ideal college day out. Something a bit more challenging but infinitely more fun.

Here at Primal Bushcraft Survival, we’re passionate about the outdoors. You never know when you might need to call upon your survival skills at some point in life. With the summer holidays on the doorstep, it’s time to challenge yourself to something new.