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Are you a school or youth group? An experienced bushcrafter or just interested in learning some new skills? We cater for families, beginners or the more advanced. No matter what your level of expertise all our courses are designed with you in mind.

Choose from one of the following.

Primal Castaway

Join us as we sail up the West Coast of Scotland on our 40ft yacht. Explore uninhabited islands and spot marine mammals like dolphins and Minke whales. Sleep under the stars on remote golden beaches and learn coastal and maritime survival skills on our Primal Castaway course.

Primal Castaway Course 28th – 30th June 2019

Bushcraft Survival Day Course - Can You Survive?

Our 1 day Bushcraft and survival course is a great way to learn the outdoor basics.

Utilising your natural surroundings you will learn valuable skills which will give you a good solid grounding in bushcraft and survival techniques in a safe environment.

Book Now – Bushcraft Skills Day 30th March – Course £70 Under 16 £35

Bushcraft Family Weekend - Where Your Family Will Become A Team

New to bushcraft? Our 2-day Survival course is a great way to really embrace and get a feel for the outdoors for all the family. After 2 days and a night under the stars parents and children will be competent in surviving in a temperate environment whilst covering more advanced bushcraft and survival techniques.

Book Now -Bushcraft Family Weekend £180 for 1 adult plus child.

Primal Bowyer - Release the Archer in you!

Whether it was used for hunting or for protection, our Primal ancestors were masters of the bow and survival. On this course, you will make your own bow and arrows and cover the history of the bow along with fundamental archery skills. From its humble beginnings to its devastating power on the battlefield come make your own bow on our Primal Bowyer course.

Primal Bowyer Course 4th – 6th Oct 19

The Way of the Horse & Bow

Join us for one awesome Primal adventure as we travel to Bulgaria to learn the Way of the Horse & Bow. Spend 5 days in the mountains soaking up the beautiful scenery, learn how to horse ride, shoot arrows from horseback, spot wild animals in their natural habitat and sleep in a traditional Mongolian Yurt.


15th – 19th May 2019, Book Now

Foraging Walk & First Aid

Join us at Dalkeith Country Park for a morning stroll looking at wild edibles, poisonous and medicinal plants. Then take part in our interactive workshop as we discover which of our common wild plants are most useful in first aid situations and learn remote survival skills. Adults £50 Under 16 £25.

  21st April 2019

Primal Forge - Blacksmith Skills

Throughout the ages, blacksmiths have forged and shaped steel into items for everyday use from swords to horseshoes. Come join us on our Primal Forge skills course and learn the skills to forge your own item. From Viking blades to fire steels, arrowheads to candleholders or just something special to take home.

Primal Forge – Blacksmith Skills 19th Jan 2019

Primal Medicine - 16Hr Outdoor Wilderness First Aid Course

The Outdoor First Aid course covers the long-term care of casualties in remote settings.  The course may be of particular use to those working in the outdoor industry. Like our ancestors of old, we will also teach you how you may adapt and improvise treatments by foraging and utilising what nature can provide.

Primal Medicine- Outdoor First Aid, please request dates.

Primal Frontier Survival Skills.

Come and learn the skills of our Frontier ancestors. From surviving in harsh mountainous conditions, hunting and trapping in wild forests to trading and fighting with Native American tribes. Our Frontier ancestors were masters of self resilience and survival skills. Come and learn the ways on our ancestors on our Primal Frontier Survival course.

Primal Frontier Survival Course 31st Aug 19

Prometheus Fire Skills - Let The Fire Light Your Life

And Prometheus went boldly to Zeus and begged him to give fire to the humans.” I will not!” said Zeus, “Not one spark will I share with them! For if humans had fire they might become strong and wise like us, and after a while, they would drive us out of our kingdom.

Book Now – Sat – 27th Oct

Urban Survival Skills Weekend.

Want to learn Urban Survival and prepping skills? Want to learn how save a preserve life in an emergency? Want to be prepared when those around you are panicking? Then book on our Urban Survival and Prepping skills course with guest instructors you won’t want to miss it!

Book Now -Urban Survival skills 15th – 16th Sept.