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Jun 15

Family Days In The Outdoors

Tired of your weekend trips to the park, or to the cinema, to the football, or to the swimming centre? Do you want to try something new as a family?

You may enjoy your family day trips but it’s always good to try something new. Every weekend presents the perfect opportunity to try something new, and what could be better than a day spent in the outdoors, having fun while learning some new and valuable skills? If you’re looking for news things to do as a family then why not rise to the challenge of a bushcraft survival day?

Primal Bushcraft Survival offers a variety of courses for you and your family to get involved with, from day adventures to summer camps for families. If you fancy learning how to survive in the great outdoors and would like to pick up some vital survival skills then our courses will make for a great family day out. Such a course will make for an interesting and stimulating day out of doors. From fire lighting to hunter-gathering, you can all learn about the great outdoors and how best to survive and thrive within it.

Are you game to give it a go?