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Feb 01

Horse Archery

Have you always wanted to give horse archery a go? 

Learning archery is one thing, but why not step things up a notch and learn how to shoot a bow and arrow whilst riding a horse? It’s the perfect way to improve your skill set, do something completely out of the box and push the boundaries.

Here at Primal Bushcraft Survival we give you the opportunity to learn horse archery with the fantastic Vladimir Mustakerski in Bulgaria. Being the founder of Bulgarian school of horseback archery, he has created a place where you can learn ancient traditions in a stunning 200-acre ranch.

Not only is Vlad the official representative in Bulgaria, but was trained by the renowned Lajos Kassai, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. Whether you’re a keen archer or have never held a bow and arrow before, when you stay with Vlad you get to:

  • Learn how to ride a horse, or improve on your current skills
  • Learn archery skills, both shooting from the ground and on horseback
  • Explore the scenic mountain trails
  • Stay in a Mongolian Yurt
  • Learn how to shoot from horseback at walk, trot and gallop

The next trip takes place on 14th-18th May, so book your place today as spaces fill up quick.