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Oct 08

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Your children will love the outdoors. Whether they are always playing outside, or they have a wild imagination, their passion for discovering more about their surroundings shouldn’t be stopped. At Primal Bushcraft Survival we have the party ideas that you need to make your kids birthday party the best one ever.

Our kids’ birthday party ideas are centred around creating an environment where your child and their guests can explore nature in a safe space. This will be created by our team and made into an area where we are able to provide bushcraft survival and fun experiences for your child and their guests.

What is involved in our kids’ birthday party ideas?

Working to make sure that every child in the party gets to create, build, compete and have fun with us, we use a number of activities. From archery skills – learning and honing their shooting – and building dens with sticks through to fire making, a safe and controlled aspect, we help to create a place where all guests will learn something and become comfortable around their natural environment.

We host parties at Primal Bushcraft Survival for a wide range of children with various requirements. Our kids’ birthday party ideas provide something unique for your child’s special day and it will be one they won’t forget for a long time!

To book your kid’s birthday party with us, get in contact today.