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Aug 27

Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas For The Adventuring Child

The chances are that your child loves to explore the woods, climb trees, sword fight with sticks, pretend they are making a campfire and get muddy all over when playing outside. What if that could all become a reality where they have to learn about fire, hone their archery skills, what it takes to build a den and use bushcraft skills? That is exactly what you can organise with Primal Bushcraft Survival as one of the best kid’s birthday party ideas.

Our Bushcraft Party is a great way to get your child and their friends involved in two hours of fun and learning without having to worry about party bags for a second. Our kid’s birthday party ideas come packed full of interesting and enjoyable skills for every child to discover during the excitement-filled two hours.

What will my birthday boy or girl and their friends learn?

Bushcraft skills are a fundamental method of learning a lot about how the natural world works around us. The use of wood, how to tie knots and what you need to create a safe fire will be taught to everyone in our safe and secure forest area. In this area will also be a party tent, room to build dens and the space to play many games.

If you’d like to find out more about our kid’s birthday party ideas, speak with our team.