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Mar 07

Outdoor Learning In The Summer Holidays

New experiences and new challenges are there to be had in the summer holidays when you’re away from school. Those challenges won’t have anything to do with the class room, in fact they’ll take place in the great outdoors. At Primal Bushcraft Survival we work closely with schools and youth agencies and host courses as holiday clubs for school children as well as for adults and corporate groups. We believe in learning about the natural world and learning through being in the natural world. Not only are there new challenges to be had by having to complete tasks in the outdoors but you’ll be able to learn new skills that you won’t be able to learn in the classroom. The skills you can pick up through doing one of our courses will also prove useful back in the classroom.

So where are you going to be come the summer holidays? Why not experience an inspiring day out on one of our survival courses here at Primal Bushcraft Survival? We run a half day and a full day course, and you can pick up a host of new skills, from learning how to work in a team to building greater self-confidence.