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Oct 31

Private School Trips Edinburgh

Do you work in a private school and are looking to step up the school trips? Perhaps the kids are bored of the same trips, to the same places, every year? If so, look no further than Primal Bushcraft Survival for Private School Trips in Edinburgh

When it comes to school trip ideas, bushcraft survival courses are becoming increasingly popular. Here at Primal Bushcraft, we offer half day or full day courses, depending on what suits you. School pupils can learn to develop confidence, enhance their knowledge of the natural world, and build their team-building skills. It also gives them the fantastic opportunity to learn about the wildlife and countryside, giving them a greater respect for the world we live in.

The team here at Primal Bushcraft are made up of professionals from both the military and civilian sector, so you can be sure that we know our stuff. We ensure that we provide a complete bespoke experience, tailored to your needs.

We cater to schools in Edinburgh and Scotland, as well as across the UK, and pride ourselves on helping develop young minds in both schools and youth agencies. Visit our site today to find out more information, or give us a call on 07875 667958.