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Woodland Wild Food Workshop


Primal have teamed up with Grass Root Remedies herbal medicine co-operative to bring you some pretty special foraging courses & medicinal workshops. Foraging off the land and coast was a natural way of life for our Primal ancestors. In today’s society a trip the superstore to feed yourself and your family has become the norm. It takes a good knowledge of local plants as well as the ability to actually correctly identify and gather them to make a meal and sustain life. To learn more about the wild edible & medicinal plants around us come visit Primal Bushcraft & Survival and learn the foraging skills of our Primal ancestors. Adult £20 Child under 16 £10.

Woodland Wild Food Workshop (2.5 hours)

Dates: Friday 7 th & 14th April 1.30 – 4pm

Price: £20 Under 16 £10

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Woodland Wild Food Workshop (2.5 hours)

This is the time of year when folk would traditionally go out and gather spring greens to replenish their bodies after a long winter of eating stored, starchy foods. Today with our food system heavily reliant on fossil fuels, we retain access to imported greens all year round. One cost of this is that we have lost our connection to the land & the seasons. Learning to identify and prepare common nutritious wild plants into foods & medicines is an empowering step towards regaining this connection. Join us in this workshop for all ages to get your hands dirty & your tastebuds excited by learning how to identify wild spring greens and then making them into a delicious pesto in the woods.

Grass Roots Remedies aim to make our events participatory, enjoyable and inclusive, and will do our best to cater to individual needs & learning styles.


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