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Primal Bowyer 19th – 21st Oct.


Our Primal Bowyer course will run over 3 days giving you the theory, the history, and the skills into making this historical piece of weaponry. Whether it was used for warfare, ceremonial or hunting purposes the bow has played an important part in our history. Join us this November as we welcome Matthew Courtney – Jones from Cambridge longbows a professional Bowyer who will pass on his skills to help you make your own seasoned Ash bow. Come and learn the skills and make your own fully functioning working bow along with traditional arrows. Then try your bow out on our purpose built archery range.

3 day course with all food, equipment, and professional instruction.

19th – 21st Oct.



Course content,

Learn about the history of the bow.

Learn about different types of bows.

Look at different types of wood used in bow making.

Learn about traditional Bowyer methods.

Make your own seasoned Ash bow.

Make your own Arrows.

Professional coaching and instruction.

Try your bow on our archery range.

All food and drinks.

All equipment, wood, and tools provided.

3 -day course £295.

About Matt – Traditional Primitive Bowyer

Matthew Courtney -Jones was born in 1973 and grew up watching Errol Flynn films. Matt loved Robin Hood and since the age of 13 has been trying to make bows and arrows. Over the past few years, he has developed the understanding, and more importantly, the patience, to work wood and now considers himself a traditional primitive archer and bowyer.


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