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Primal Castaway Advanced 5-day course.


Join us for our 5-day advanced Coastal survival course on a secluded island beach of the West coast of Scotland. In partnership with Fraser Christian and Coastal Survival, the team at Primal have put together UK’s toughest coastal survival challenge. Do you have the skills to survive 5 days?

Participants must have completed a basic coastal survival course either at Primal or Coastal Survival School. If a course has not been completed relevant survival experience must be shown to ensure participants have the necessary skills to survive in a coastal environment.

This course will count towards certification for the Coast Master award.

Dates 21st – 25th Sept 2018

Cost £620

  • All food and specialist equipment.
  • Transfer to and from a secret island location.


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The Primal Castaway Advanced course is a 5-day course allowing you to fully submerge yourself in coastal environment learn and understand what is required to survive on the coast with minimal kit and limited resources in a “castaway” experience.

The course covers in depth, a range of survival skills you would experience on a real-time coastal survival situation. We will provide you with basic shelter tarps, a survival kit, and rations and a few essentials.

With constant instructor support available and on hand students are left in pairs or individually to survive.

What you will learn:

Locating suitable shelter.

Understanding your survival kit

Understanding the coastal terrain, including tides.

Identifying dangers.

Fire for cooking and warmth.

Locating and purifying fresh water.

Finding wild foods.

Catching wild foods.

Preparing, cooking and preserving wild food.

Using wild plants for first aid/medicine.

Maintaining body temperature and hydration.

Survival mindset psychology and fitness.

Basic compass navigation.

Signaling for rescue.

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