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Primal Frontier Survival Dates Coming soon.

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From the first landings in Virginia and Massachusetts in the early 1600’s, American settlers kept pushing westward behind an ever moving frontier. Into wild country went hunters, trappers, fur traders, miners, frontier soldiers, surveyors, and pioneer farmers. All under the watchful eye of the Native American tribes. Survival skills and self-reliance was a frontier requirement and skirmishes and full scale battles were common place.

Our Primal Frontier Survival course is the first of its kind in the UK. On this course we will look into the history of our Frontier ancestors and learn the practical skills they used to survive in this harsh environment. From Bowie Knife, Tomahawk and bow skills to foraging, tracking, trapping, food preservation and game preparation. With guest instructor Mark Davies delivering combative survival skills on the Bowie Knife & Tomahawk, and how they were used effectively in Frontier survival situations.



Our Primal Frontier Survival course will give you the practical skills and historical insight into how our Frontier ancestors lived. Course content includes the following:

  1. Frontier fire skills.
  2. Cooking skills.
  3. Game traps.
  4. Tracking skills.
  5. Foraging skills
  6. Food preservation.
  7. History of the Bowie knife.
  8. History of the Tomahawk.
  9. Practical knife, tomahawk and bow  combative skills.
  10. Lunch, Tea and Coffee.

Course start date Sat 2nd – 3rd Sept. Early bird booking SALE price £120


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