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Prometheus Fire Skills


According to the legends told by the ancient people of Greece, Prometheus bored of being a God went out to live amongst mortal humans. He quickly noticed that they were no longer happy as they were living in caves and holes in the earth, shivering and cold because they had no fire. Dying of starvation, hunted by wild beasts and by each other—we were the most miserable of all living creatures. “If they only had fire,” said Prometheus to himself, “they could at least warm themselves and cook their food; and after a while they could learn to make tools and build themselves houses.  Without fire, they are no better off than beasts.”

Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and returned to the humans. He called some of the shivering people from their caves and showed them how to make fire; he showed them how to warm themselves by it and use it to cook their food.  Men and women gathered around the fire and were warm and happy, and thankful to Prometheus for the wonderful gift which he had brought them.

Come along on our Prometheus skills course and learn the ancient fire skills of our ancestors: 

1.    Bow drill fire by friction.

2.   Learn which materials are best for making the bow, the drill and hearth.

3.   Make your own Bow drill set to take home.

4.   Make your own Char cloth.

5.   Learn Fire by Flint and Steel.

6.   Use of different Tinder’s.

7.   Lighting fires in wet conditions.

8.   The principles of fire and uses in ancient times.

9.   Different types of fire for different situations.

10. Different types of fire for cooking.

All meals will be provided along with tasty hot beverages throughout the day. Sat 27th Oct


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Fire is one of the oldest skills known to man helping us to cook raw food enhancing our brain capacity as we evolved over the centuries. Here at Primal, we won’t be turning you mere mortals into the ancient Gods of old, but we will enhance your knowledge and give you practical skills of fire making.

Prometheus Fire Skills Sat 27th Oct – Adult £100 Child under 16 – £50


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