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The Way of the Horse & Bow 13th – 18th May.

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Once upon a time, our ancestors – furious and fearless warriors rode through Europe on horseback, crossing the steppes of Asia, they brought fear and respect with their exceptional skills in horseback riding and archery.

The Way of the Horse and Bow is an adventure like no other. Horseback archery is an ancient art form, allowing us to reconnect with our Primal side and the spirit of our ancient forefathers. The bow is not just a shooting tool when mastered it is a key to physical and psychological perfection.

In today’s modern world we have forgotten these ancient skills, so whether you are an experienced rider or novice, an expert at archery or a complete beginner, we have something for everyone. We guarantee that everyone will shoot at least one arrow in the gallop, leaving having experienced one awesome Primal adventure.



Meet Vladimir Mustakerski the founder of the Bulgarian school of horseback archery.
Vlad was trained by Lajos Kassai – who reincarnated and established the ancient traditions and art of horseback archery. Being the official representative in Bulgaria, Vlad is helping to keep the spirit alive by teaching young children and adults alike how to learn this forgotten ancient art.

Experienced rider or complete novice? Join us for 5 days on Vlad’s 200-acre ranch and learn the following.

  • Learn how to ride a horse, or learn more advanced techniques if already proficient.
  • Learn about archery skills, shooting from the ground and horseback.
  • Spend your evenings in an authentic Mongolian Yurt.
  • Learn 3 phase bow shooting.
  • Go riding on scenic mountain trails.
  • Learn about the history and the culture of horseback archery.
  • Learn how to shoot from horseback at the walk, trot, and gallop.
  • Learn about Natural Horsemanship.
  • Bow shooting in different directions (forward, sideways and backward)
  • Spend a night on the trail under the stars.
  • Wildlife watching in stunning natural surroundings.

Limited Spaces 13th – 18th May 2018

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Includes all flights, transfers on arrival, training, lessons, food, drinks, and accommodation.


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