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May 07

Professional Corporate Survival Training In The UK

Realising you’re in danger and understanding what you need to do in the time you have is vitally important and transferable across your life. Whether you’re at work or you’re out on the street you will come up against a number of problems and obstacles. That’s where our survival training in the UK comes in.

At Primal Bushcraft Survival we’re chosen as the ideal place for you to take your corporate personnel and to help forge a fully-functioning team. There are a number of survival skills that are triggered in our brain when we face danger, and the same goes for when we’re at work. The problem, however, is when you face something you aren’t familiar with.

Our Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Extraction (SERE) and Urban Survival Training in the UK is ideal to create an absolute understanding of what dangers lie around each corner, to understand real-life threats to your life and how to administer lifesaving skills in an emergency.

This is ideally created to support those that have to cope with dangerous environments or potentially hostile areas across the world. Journalists, NGOs, volunteers and more will find our survival training in the UK perfectly suited to them.

If you’re wondering more about our work at Primal Bushcraft Survival and how it can help you prepare, speak to us today.