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New experiences give children a
greater sense of achievement in the great outdoors.

Primal Instinct

At Primal we work closely with local schools and youth agencies developing and challenging young children of all ages in an informal and relaxed setting.

This in turn develops life skills in a wide range of areas for improved chances in life. We can run half day or full day courses, please get in touch with Primal for details.

As approved providers of training by Edinburgh City Council you can be sure our training meets approved safety standards and training practises.

We Aim to Cover the four capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence.

  • Confident individuals: Greater confidence outdoors, improved self-esteem, improved communication and teamwork skills, perseverance through experiential learning,
  • Responsible citizens: Improved respect and understanding for communal areas, public spaces, wildlife and the countryside.
  • Effective contributors: Building a bigger and better society enhancing learners of the natural environment for future generations to enjoy.
  • Successful learners: Sense of achievement and pride, enhanced learning of the natural world, developed life skills.
Make it a day for the children to remember!