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Dec 28

Survival Corporate Day

Looking to boost the camaraderie among your work employees? Do you want to engage them with a team-building exercise? A survival training corporate day will test your employees’ team leadership skills in a unique and challenging environment, improve their ability to think clearly, rationally and decisively in difficult situations, and enhance their ability to work well as a team.

Survival training can test their general organisational skills, their ability to communicate effectively and operate cohesively as a unit, and to work well under pressure in unfamiliar environments and situations. Survival training will not only teach your team survival techniques, but they will pick up all manner of skills, skills which can be serviced in the office and in a corporate setting.

Whether a corporate training day or a school or family challenge, our courses are all about how to survive and how to thrive in difficult environments and situations. Are your employees up to the challenge? You can develop your team’s communication and leadership skills through our survival training corporate day courses here at Primal Bushcraft Survival.