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Aug 22

Survival Gift Ideas

A little survival knowledge goes a long way, and you can pick up some vital survival skills on a bushcraft course hosted by Primal Bushcraft Survival.

Depending on where your interests lie or what you want to learn, we’ve got a range of courses that might prove ideal. These include foraging courses, the bushcraft day, and a family weekend, among other options. If you know someone who’d like to learn more about survival and bushcraft skills, then one of these courses would make for a great gift idea.

We’re passionate about the great outdoors, and love to pass on our knowledge of bushcraft and survival with you. You never know when you might need to call on such skills, so having a few under your belt is no bad thing. It’s all to do with utilising what you have around you and learning how to adapt to difficult situations and unfamiliar environments.

Are you ready to flex your survival muscles? If you’re looking for gift ideas or looking for some way to treat a friend to a day out, then why not opt for one of our courses?

Survival Training Glasgow

Whether you’re a beginner and completely new to survival training or you have a little experience behind you, there’s always more to learn, more skills to master. Survival training is not just useful for those in certain professions or for those who like to embark on extreme adventures, such as mountain trekking, but it can prove useful for anyone looking to broaden their mind and gain the skills necessary for survival.

Perhaps you regularly go on expeditions? Perhaps you’re a keen camper, mountaineer, hiker or climber? The skills you need for these activities are relatively similar to those you’d need to survive in the wild. From learning how to forage for food to keep you going to how to build a shelter or deliver first aid, a little survival training will allow you to hone your existing skills and learn new ones.

A survival training course isn’t all about hard work and what you might do if confronted with a harsh reality, it’s fun, and the courses organised by Primal Bushcraft Survival are fun.

So why not try a little survival training? You can find out more about our courses here. We provide survival training courses in Glasgow and across the UK.

Preparing for your next expedition? Perhaps you’re just interested in what it takes to cope independently in an extreme environment or in a survival situation? Anyone can take on a little survival training, whether that be school/college groups keen to embrace the great outdoors and learn something new, families in search of a challenge, or an avid adventurer eager to learn how to cope confidently in an extreme environment.

Primal Bushcraft Survival welcomes anyone who’s interested in learning about bushcraft and survival, whether it be a youth group or an experienced bushcrafter. We’ve got a range of survival training courses on offer, including the Primal Foraging Course and the Bushcraft Survival Day Course. No matter what your level of experience or expertise, we’ll ensure you get the best tuition and the best guidance.

It’s always useful to learn a little bit about survival, even if you only explore the basics. The skills you pick up will be transferable, and can be useful in everyday life.

Primal Bushcraft Survival provides survival training courses in Glasgow and Scotland to people across the UK.