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Jul 03

Survival Training Corporate Day

Have you been thinking of investing in a survival training corporate day?

Whether you run a busy sales floor and want to treat your team, or simply want to build a better bond with your employees, nothing improves morale quite like a day out of the office. Whilst there are many team building activities available, we offer something that is a little outside the box.

Here at Primal Bushcraft Survival, we are proud to offer training days in which your team can learn vital survival skills. The beauty of our survival days is that it gets your staff away from the workplace environment and throws them into the great outdoors.

We aim to test their abilities, their strengths and their weaknesses, all the while getting them to work as a team. We are confident that after a day with us, you will see your staff grow in leadership and confidence, giving you a stronger and more productive team.

To learn more about our fantastic corporate day packages, take a look around our website today. To speak to us about your requirements call us on 0131 285 4308, or fill out the contact form on our website.