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Jan 04

Survival Training Corporate Day

Do you need a morale booster in the office? Perhaps you have new staff, and you need to bring the team together? If so, why not consider taking them out of the office for the day, with a survival training corporate day?

Enhancing a team’s ability to work well as a team has endless positives. You may see productivity increase, camaraderie within the team rise, and an improved ability to think rationally and clearly. Sometimes in a working environment, decisions have to be made quickly, and it’s important to ensure that your team can demonstrate these qualities.

We aim to provide a package with a difference, ensuring your team is put out of their comfort zones, and into real life scenarios. By doing so, this helps to build communication, trust, and leadership within the team.

Here at Primal Bushcraft Survival, our survival training is headed up by our lead instructor on leadership and development, Matt. He knows first-hand what it means to survive in high pressure and unfamiliar terrain, with 22 years’ experience in the Army. He will be able to pass on his skills to your team, teaching them about leadership and survival.

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