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Mar 27

Survival Training Glasgow

Are you considering booking survival training in Glasgow for your office staff?

Boosting team morale and helping build relationships is key for a happy and productive office. Many employers look for ways to improve team spirit and help build trust within a group. Whilst some people opt to simply go to the pub after work, why not try something a little more outside the box?

At Primal Bushcraft Survival, we offer something that sets us apart from all the other team building activities you may come across. Our courses are designed to build trust and give your employees new ways of thinking and acting.

When you choose us, we will get your staff out in the fresh air, away from the confinements of the office. They will be able to learn a whole host of survival tips and build skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and problem solving. For an activity which will not only benefit your team but will also give you something to all bond over, choose us today.

If you’re looking to book a corporate survival training day with us, get in touch today. Speak to the team on 07875 667958, or drop us an email at

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