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Jul 13

Survival Training in Glasgow

Survival training can open your mind up to many things, not least, learning about the open air and the countryside and how to thrive within it. From safety in the wild to learning how to build fires and shelters, there are many elements to survival. One of the main elements, of course, is learning how to forage for food. This will involve identifying sources of food, building an awareness of poisonous fungi, berries and plants, techniques for snaring and catching animals, and how to prepare and cook food in the wild.

Survival training is character-building. It will help to build self-confidence and self-reliance, both of which are important in daily life. Survival training also instils a healthy respect for nature, while a deeper understanding of nature and how it works comes with the training. Learning about survival is fun, and it’s intended to be fun. It will encourage those taking part to improve their social skills and communication skills while learning how to work well as part of a team.

Primal Bushcraft Survival operates survival training courses in Glasgow and across Scotland to people from across the UK. We’re passionate about teaching people about survival.

Bushcraft Survival Skills Glasgow

What could be better on a warm summer’s day than enjoying a little time in the great outdoors? If you like the idea of travelling light in the great outdoors, eating a meal made up of food you’ve caught, staying warm by a fire that you’ve lit, and staying dry against the elements under a shelter which you’ve built then a bushcraft survival skills course might be just the experience for you.

It’s never too late to be introduced to some life-saving skills. It’s also never too late to reacquaint yourself with the natural world. For anyone who lives in towns and cities it can often be easy to underappreciate the glories of the natural world and all it has to offer.

A bushcraft survival skills course is available through Primal Bushcraft Survival. Survival depends mainly on an individual’s ability to withstand stress while under pressure and learn not to panic in emergency situations. We offer a selection of courses, all of which will reacquaint you with the natural world and give you some knowledge of how to survive within it. Primal Bushcraft Survival provides survival training courses in Glasgow and across Scotland to people throughout the UK.