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Oct 22

Three Things You Will Learn During Our Survival Training In The UK

You will have no doubt seen TV shows with Ray Mears, Bear Grylls and those celebrity shows where they are placed into the middle of nowhere. They are mostly for entertainment, but they also ask us a profound question: What would I do in that situation?

There are plenty of reasons why we no longer use nature in our everyday lives, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it. Understanding and being able to use our surroundings to our advantage can be a great way to develop your skills and become more confident in strange locations.

Our survival training in the UK at Primal Bushcraft Survival is designed to give you the best chance to discover your potential and find out more about the things around you. Here are three things you’ll learn with us:

  • Fire making skills: As far as important things go, knowing how to make a fire is right at the top. Heat, the ability to cook and being able to boil water until drinkable are vital. Our team will teach you how to use a number of techniques.
  • Sourcing water: This will be priority number one for any survival in the long term and knowing the best way to get closer to a water source could be key.
  • Creating shelter: Kipping in a survival setting may seem impossible, but once you understand what materials to use and how to combine them to make a comfortable shelter, you will sleep tightly.

To discover more about our survival training in the UK and when our courses are, get in contact with us today.