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Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Extraction (S.E.R.E) and Urban Survival training

In today’s current climate the need for personnel to be situationally aware and have up to date training for emergency situations to help save and preserve life is greater than ever.  As modern day soldiers are trained to survive in worldwide conflicts and dangerous scenarios, so to should engineer’s, NGO’s, journalists, oil workers, government services and expedition leaders benefit from specialist training.  Our S.E.R.E, and Urban Survival courses will deliver tailor made practical and theoretical lifesaving skills to enhance individual’s situational awareness for hostile environments worldwide.

Subjects covered:

1. Survival Mindset & Psychology.

2. Principles of Survival.

3. Dog Evasion Skills.

4. Improvised traps and weapons.

5. Survival grab bags, survival tin components and uses.

6. Improvised shelter builds.

7. Different methods of fire making.

8. Water sourcing and purification.

9. Navigation and Signalling.

10. Confirmatory test scenarios.

11. Rescue Signals.

12. Incident Control Management.

13. Situational Awareness skills.

14. Casualty Rescue and Extraction.

15. Hostile environment training.

Our courses are designed allowing you the option to select different elements of our survival training to meet your required needs. Whether it’s Survival training with elements of First Aid, or Evasion training with navigation skills?  

Whichever course elements you choose we have a professional package to meet your individual needs.  

To find out more about any of our courses please get in touch here.