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Meet the team

At Primal we have brought together professionals from civilian sectors and experts from the military Special Forces environment. The team are passionate about outdoor learning and will ensure the delivery of bespoke training to suit your individual needs.



An avid outdoors man from a very young age, Matt spent over 22 years in the British Army concluding with a prolonged period in Special Forces where he gained extensive knowledge of urban and rural survival.  Matt carried out Arctic Survival training and became a Ski Tour Leader, now boasting 20 years of worldwide adventure training experience.  Matt is an Alpine, Nordic Ski Tour Leader and has planned and led successful ski expeditions across the world. 

His role as a Survival Evasion Resistance Escape Instructor encouraged Matt’s passion to share vitally important skills with the civilian world which led to the creation of Primal in 2014.


operations manager

Andy grew up in Northumberland and is now based in Edinburgh.  He served a full career in the British Army, in the Royal Artillery, ending up as a senior officer.  Having served all over the world, Andy is a qualified Combat Survival Instructor and is Arctic survival trained.

Andy is keen on the outdoors, enjoying hill walking, sailing, skiing, and cycling.


primal instructor

Luke has studied and taught bushcraft for over 8 years and has trained over 50 bushcraft instructors in that time. He specialises in thriving techniques alongside survival and teaching methodologies.

Luke is passionate about nature, the woodlands and education and passing on invaluable fundamental skills. 


primnal instructor

Primal Operations Manager Paul has been working as an Outdoor Instructor, with a focus on wilderness living skills, for the past 12 years having worked with a number of groups including schools, additional support needs and corporate groups all over the UK as well as in Asia and in Scandinavia.

Paul is passionate about our natural environment and outdoor learning.  He enjoys developing his own skills as this allows him to pass his knowledge on so others can learn and enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly.  In his spare time, he can be found foraging, wild camping, and mountaineering.


primal instructor

From a very young age Colin loved the outdoors and spent every summer camping, fishing, biking, and hiking with family and friends all over Scotland.  His lifelong passion for the outdoors led him to qualify as a professional Outdoor Pursuits Instructor and he has never looked back since.  He has had the pleasure of leading hundreds of groups and has been proud to show off Scotland’s beautiful places, its fantastic people, and its rich culture.  Colin is an expedition leader and assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

Colin is particularly passionate about mountaineering, mountain biking/ trail cycling, canoeing, Forest Schools, bushcraft, fishing and archery.



Tom is a successful video blogger and Chief Instructor on our Highlander survival skills course, educating people on “17th Century Highlander”. Re- discovering the skills, equipment, knowledge, stories and the relationship between land and nature that people had in the Highlands of Scotland, 300-400 years ago. Re-connecting people with nature, land and heritage, in order to better understand the human-animal and our place on this planet.


primal Instructor

Kayleigh joined the team in 2019.  A professional Highland Dancer with 21 years’ experience, along with teacher qualifications, judging and examining.   Kayleigh has performed at events across Europe, America and also appeared on television.   With the pinnacle helping to teach Outlander cast members the highland fling for an episode where she also appeared as an extra.

Kayleigh loves all things outdoors, including first aid, and wants to share her knowledge.


primal Instructor

When Laura is not spending winters in the Himalayas of Kashmir you can find her in the forest.  From Edinburgh and with 14 years’ experience as a nursery practitioner, Laura’s passion for educating little ones comes naturally to her and she continues to develop her career whilst enjoying her hobbies.  Laura is working towards Forest School Leader certification where she aims to introduce children and young adults to a therapeutic way of learning new skills in the natural surroundings of a woodland.

In her spare time in Scotland, Laura enjoys long walks and camping trips with friends. Laura believes there is always something new to learn in the world of bushcraft and primarily that is what attracted her to the job.


primal instructor

Stuart comes from a strong outdoors and wilderness background.  He has been taking people into the wilds and mountains for over 15 years from educational walks around woods to first ascent mountaineering expeditions to East Greenland.  He is a qualified Mountain Leader and has worked as a Countryside Ranger, an Ecologist and an Outdoor Instructor for Fairbridge Drake.  His interests include photography and weightlifting and he is passionate about Norse culture and history.  He has two children and will often drag them into the woods to build shelters, cook a foraged lunch over a fire and to spend quality time together.


primal instructor

Sandy’s interest in the outdoors began at an early age.  Camping and hiking adventures with his Dad, led to climbing and mountaineering with friends, then he fell head over heals for snowboarding in his mid-teens.  This drive to be outside has never left him and he now finds himself, two decades later, in the midst of sharing that passion for the wilderness as part of the Primal family.  

Sandy has been fortunate enough to have seen lots of wild places across the world and many in Scotland's own backyard.  As his knowledge and skills grow, so does his desire to engage, share and inspire others to the Primal way of life.


primal Instructor

Biologist, forager, wild plant educator, Szymon specialises in sustainable foraging, resilient urban living, and food preservation techniques. 

Szymon is a member of the Association of Foragers and has a lifetime of experience in foraging and traditional food making.  With over 10 years teaching experience, Szymon inspires and educates others to live seasonably to become more self-sufficient living off the land and reconnect with nature.


primal Instructor

With 25 years of sailing experience and a military background, Matt has always had a passion for the outdoors. Starting from a young age growing up on a farm, he spent most of his time in the local woods, either alone or with the scouts and cadets before joining the army at 17. Matt served 5 years as reconnaissance and after leaving the military, continued with outdoor pursuits including bushcraft, hiking and sailing. Matt has sailed to the Caribbean and back from Scotland. You can normally find Matt by the coast, either under sail, canoeing or just enjoying the peace the sea provides.


primal Instructor

A former Royal Navy Weapons Engineering Officer, Malky has been wild camping from the age of 12 and has experience in wild places from the hills of Scotland to Patagonia in Argentina.  

As well as on-land skills, he is a BSAC First Class Diver, Instructor Trainer, RYA Day Skipper and coxwain.  

In all, Malky has over 25 years experience teaching practical outdoor skills in a wide variety of environments.