Bushcraft Corporate Events 

 July 17, 2017

By  Matt Smith

Do you have a passion for the great outdoors? Are you curious about discovering what it takes to survive out in the wild? Welcome to Bushcraft Primal Survival, where our bushcraft corporate events offer you an intense and exciting experience that you won’t forget.

Our affordable prices give you what you want, or need, to learn to survive in the wild. Join us on an expedition through Sweden where you can lean our specialist survival skills, all the while being surrounded by breath taking scenery.”

If you take our S.E.R.E and Urban Survival courses, a long list of subjects awaits for you to improve your knowledge of the wild. This includes survival psychology, improvisation of traps and weapons, shelter building, navigation, and much more. The skills you acquire from these courses can even help you learn what it takes to save a life!

As an added bonus if you’re looking for a bit of extra fun to add to your corporate event, or just something to do with your friends, you can come along and play our team game of combat archery!

To get in touch to enquire about one of our opportunities, you can contact us by simply filling out the form on our site. Alternatively you can give us a call, or travel to our company for a face-to-face chat.

Matt Smith

Founder of Primal Bushcraft &Survival