Bushcraft For Large Groups 

 May 8, 2017

By  Matt Smith

Where can I find a company that specialise in teaching bushcraft skills to large groups?

Whether you run a sales floor or a small company, it’s vital that everyone gets along and works together. Whilst this is easy to say, it can be hard to achieve when there are clashing personalities or differences. If you’re looking to bring your team together, nothing works quite as well as a team-building day. Some people choose assault courses or days out, but we have something a little different to offer.

Why choose Primal Bushcraft Survival?

Our team building activities will not only get your team thinking together as one, but will get your staff out in the fresh air and away from the office. The aim of our corporate courses will be to get your team involved in problem solving, leadership and help towards improving communication.

For survival training courses that will get your team thinking outside the box, choose Primal Bushcraft Survival today. To book a course for your team, get in touch with the team today on 07875 667958, or fill out the contact form on our website.

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Matt Smith

Founder of Primal Bushcraft &Survival