Primal Beach Foraging and Wild Cooking

    One day
    Prestwick Beach
    Up to 10 people

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About this course

Our Primal ancestors of old were masters of hunter gathering and would have lived in and around the coastlines where food was bountiful. From foraging seaweed to fresh fish and shellfish, the west coast of Scotland's coastlines was a natural larder in days gone by. As farming has developed over the years we gradually moved inland, developed different eating habits and ultimately forgot these traditional skills.

Scotland has some of the best coastlines in the world with many isolated coves and uninhabited inlets for you to explore. Not to mention secluded beaches where you can spend the night under the stars with a roaring fire to keep you warm. So come join us on the west coast of Scotland as we forage for wild edibles, seaweed and learn about wilderness living and survival skills.

What you need to know

What's included

  • All equipment.
  • A delicious lunch.
  • Tasty hot beverages throughout the day.

What's not included

Clothing: Wear comfortable footwear, preferably waterproof walking boots or wellies.  We’ll walk 1.5-2 miles in various terrain. There will be no steep hills but the ground may be muddy and slippery at times. Bring waterproof and warm clothing if possible. Scottish weather can be unpredictable and to enjoy the experience you’ll need to stay dry and warm.

Additional equipment: You may wish to bring camera, notepad, small cotton bag or basket. 

Food and drink: Bring your own drinking water and snacks if you wish. You’ll be given a variety of tasters and nibbles throughout the duration of the course. We’ll have a meal at the end so hopefully you’ll leave fed and nourished.

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Why  Primal?

Epic adventures

Build confidence in your own survival skills in a fun and safe environment

Experienced Experts

We work to the highest standards of safety and professionalism

Stories to remember

Take home memories and a renewed appreciation for the outdoors