BEGINNER courses

Primal activities for everyone

Learn the principles of survival and wilderness living skills, helping to build confidence and appreciation of the outdoors in a fun and safe environment.  

Bushcraft & Survival Day

Our 1 day Bushcraft and Survival Course is a great way to learn the outdoor basics.

Using our natural surroundings you will learn valuable skills in bushcraft and survival techniques in a safe environment.

Primal Family Weekend

Embrace and get a feel for the outdoors with our 2-day family-oriented Survival course.  

This is the course for families who want to share an amazing experience whilst learning and exploring together.

Primal Hillwalking & Foraging

Hit the hills with our expert and certified guides.

Learn about the geography and geology of Scotland in all its splendour, and the many food-sources our ancestors relied upon to survive and thrive.

An experienced team of Survival Specialists

We pride ourselves on having the highest standards of safety and professionalism creating a positive atmosphere to help everyone who comes to Primal enjoy their experience and have an unforgettable time.

Intermediate courses

Primal courses for adventurers

Extend and build on your skills, from the use of natural navigation aids to traditional cooking skills and trap making, enhancing your situational and survival instinct further with an increased awareness of the natural environment. 

Primal Foraging & Fermenting

Join us at Duncarran Medieval Fort for a stroll in the grounds and surrounds.

Learn how to spot wild edibles and ferment your wild plants, then take part in our interactive cooking workshop.

Primal Medicine

The Outdoor First Aid course covers the long-term care of casualties in remote settings.  

The course may be of particular use to those working in the outdoor industry and corporations in extreme environments. 

Primal Highlander Survival

Come and learn the ways of our Highlander ancestors.

From surviving in mountainous conditions and wild forests to hunting and fighting styles, our Highland ancestors were masters of self-resilience.

Primal Bowyer

Whether it was used for hunting or for protection, our Primal ancestors were masters of the bow.

On this course you will make your own bow and arrows, cover the history of the bow along with fundamental archery skills. 

Primal Forge

Throughout the ages blacksmiths have forged and shaped steel.

Come join us on Primal Forge and learn the skills to forge Viking blades, fire steels, arrowheads, candleholders or just something special to take home.

Primal Advanced Fire Skills

Building fires is an essential part of Bushcraft and Survival Training, giving warmth, protection, light and sustenance. 

In this hands-on course you'll learn how to build fires from scratch, with only your skills at hand. 

Expert and Professional

The team at Primal are highly-regarded experts in the delivery of tailor-made survival consultancy packages worldwide.  

Advanced courses

Advanced and bespoke courses

Learn how to work and thrive in a wilderness environment, from remote island survival to advanced medical skills - skills that may one day save your life or the life of one of your companions.  

Primal Castaway Experience

Join us as we sail up the West Coast of Scotland exploring uninhabited islands.

Spot dolphins and Minke whales, sleep under the stars on remote golden beaches and learn coastal survival skills on Primal Castaway.

Bespoke Training

Work with us on developing a course that fits your needs.

From filming in remote areas to specific skills or a tailored package, our team of highly-regarded experts will work with you to develop the training your team needs to master. 

Survival Consultancy

We provide fully trained staff with the right skills and equipment to train and support your team.

From the biggest Corporations, Media and Universities, the team at Primal are highly-regarded experts in Survival Support.

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