Primal Foraging & Wild Cooking

Join us at Duncarran Medieval Fort for a stroll in the grounds and surrounds. Learn how to spot wild edibles and ferment your wild plants, then take part in our interactive cooking workshop.

Primal Foraging & Wild Cooking

    One day
    Duncarron Medieval Court
    Up to 20 people

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About this course

Foraging off the land and coast was a natural way of life for our Primal ancestors. In today’s society, a trip the superstore to feed yourself and your family has become the norm. It takes a good knowledge of local plants as well as the ability to actually correctly identify and gather them to help save and preserve life.

The foraging walk will be a two-hour walk around different habitats around Duncarron Medieval Fort and includes wild cooking and fermenting sessions. Guided by wild food expert and ecologist Szymon Szyszczakiewicz, learn how to successfully locate, safely identify and sustainably harvest wild spring ingredients, embrace the art of lacto fermentation and learn how to cook your fermented wild plants.

Enjoy an outdoor cooking experience with foraged ingredients at the end of the course.

What you need to know

What's included

All equipment.
A delicious lunch.
Tasty hot beverages throughout the day.

What's not included

Clothing: Wear comfortable footwear, preferably waterproof walking boots or wellies. We’ll walk 1.5-2 miles in various terrain. There will be no steep hills but the ground may be muddy and slippery at times. Bring waterproof and warm clothing if possible. Scottish weather can be unpredictable and to enjoy the experience you’ll need to stay dry and warm.

Additional equipment: You may wish to bring camera, notepad, small cotton bag or basket. Bring your own wild products if want to share.

Food and drink: Bring your own drinking water and snacks if you wish. You’ll be given a variety of tasters and nibbles throughout the duration of the course. We’ll have a meal at the end so hopefully you’ll leave fed and nourished.

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Why  Primal?

Epic adventures

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Experienced Experts

We work to the highest standards of safety and professionalism

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