Primal Food Preservation and Urban Survival

    Two days
    Duncarron Medieval Fort
    Up to 12 people
    Weekend only

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About this course

Come and learn how to be resilient in an urban setting on our food preservation and urban survival skills course.  Learn how to diversify the contents of your food stores with a variety of tasty and healthy products. We will show you how to apply traditional skills and techniques from Britain and from across the world to make lacto fermented vegetables, delicious homemade wines, fish and meat products.

We will discuss some of the science behind the processes. Practical aspects of ingredients sourcing, food preparation and storage will be a vital part of this course. We’ll show you how to cook tasty and nourishing meals from your foraged and preserved supplies.

We will also look at history and scenarios where people survived during catastrophic events. What kept them alive in uncertain times, what type of equipment you should carry, where to go and what to do in an emergency? Medical skills and priorities of survival will all be covered on our course the first of its kind in the UK.   

Food growing and preserving as well as foraging has been of interest for me since childhood. The Lead Instructor grew up in rural Poland and remembers the hardship of living in the country east of the Berlin wall in 1980s. Shelves in the shops were often empty and my family was well as most of the families in my village were almost completely self-sufficient. Keeping these traditional skills alive is vital for every resilient and healthy society.

This course starts at 10.00am on Day 1 and finishes Day 2, 3.00pm.

All meals provided: Hammocks available to sleep in or bring your own tent.

What you need to know

What's included

  • Survival mindset
  • Personal protection
  • Food sourcing
  • Preserving food
  • Signalling communication
  • Improvised weapons & traps
  • Medical Skills
  • Bug out equipment, Grab bags
  • Shelter protection
  • Fire making
  • Water sourcing sanitation
  • Top tips

What's not included

All equipment will be provided for this course.  

Depending on weather, it's sensible to come in clothes suitable for possibly wet and muddy conditions.

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Why  Primal?

Epic adventures

Build confidence in your own survival skills in a fun and safe environment

Experienced Experts

We work to the highest standards of safety and professionalism

Stories to remember

Take home memories and a renewed appreciation for the outdoors