Team building, Primal style

Develop your team’s communication, trust and leadership skills with the ultimate team building survival package.

Team work with a difference

Want to freshen up your team with new ways of thinking physically and mentally?

Looking for the ultimate survival team building package?

Then release your team’s Primal instinct with us.  In unfamiliar surroundings and sometimes out of their comfort zone, we will develop your team’s communication, trust and leadership skills to enhance productivity in your workplace.

Bespoke outdoor events

Build stronger teams in the great outdoors.

Step out into the great outdoors and embrace a new way of decision-making. Let Primal Bushcraft & Survival bring out the best in your personnel bringing all their skills to bare. Problem-solving, communication, command and control, leadership and teamwork for long-term results and real success.

Release your teams potential

Out of their familiar comfort zone and sometimes under duress in a safe and controlled environment, we will teach you new practical skills and techniques that can be utilised in today’s fast-paced business world.

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Our Venue

Set in some of Scotland's most stunning scenery, our venue provides the perfect place to bring your team together to re-connect with each other and with nature. 

Duncarron Medieval Fort 

Located near Denny in Central Scotland, the 20 acre site has been hand built by a team of volunteers, who have planted more than 5000 tree-sized wooden posts and built a lookout tower, longhouse, cabins and workshops using traditional medieval construction skills such as wooden dowels and pegs. 

The Primal site is located a short distance beyond the fort's walls.  

With access to the fort and the surrounds, it's the perfect location for bushcraft and survival training.

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